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Trogir - Croatia

Address:   Dr.Franje Tuđmana 34C
    21220 Trogir
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Phone:   +385 21 492 000
Fax:   +385 21 492 016



Town of Trogir

Trogir, a town resembling a palace: many poets tried to put in words their fascination with the historic town of Trogir. They all came to the same conclusion: you have to experience it, sense its smell, to love it. But when they did it, they fell in love with it once for all.

Houses built from stone and mainted with love emanate the feeling of tranquility. The play of light and shadow, which changes not only daily but almost with every hour, weaves every visitor into its net, both on the squares swarming with people from all around the world as on countless small streets, which seem completely deserted. This phenomenon makes you want to stay here forever.

Not in vain was Trogir proclaimed a town of world’s cultural heritage in 1998.City, situated on the little island, connected to the mainland with a small bridge on one side, and to the island of Ciovo on the other side, flourished during the middle ages. That period represents the peek in economy, trade, culture and art of Trogir.That time was the period of great constructions, enforcement of the defence wall system and fortresses that completely surrounded the town.

St. Lawrence cathedral with famous Radovan portal represents the pearl of Trogir. We can say that brand mark of Trogir architecture and sculptural arts is majstor Radovan. Even more, he was the most prominent Croatian sculptor during Middle Ages.